​"Generation Me takes a difficult subject and makes a compelling story.
Anyone who has had experience as a teenager will appreciate
the subtle nuances of teenage angst. We know these people."
-Discover Hollywood Magazine

"Generation Me is absolute perfection in its ability to prove how kindness and cruelty are of the same unfortunate hand.  

Generation Me so accurately (and therefore, so frighteningly) shows how students are forced to grow up much too fast -

how they become their own wayward means of authority, caught in this web of feelings that does more harm than good.

What I so loved about this production (aside from everything) is how applicable the teenage experience is to actual reality - to how people struggle

with feelings and the need to feel loved throughout their entire lives."

FULL REVIEW - http://www.broadwayworld.com/off-broadway/article/BWW-Review-GENERATION-ME-Captivates-at-New-York-Musical-Festival-20170730

"Finan and Soto provide both juicy, emotional solos and fun group numbers that keep the audience engaged.

Director Ryan Warren pulls affecting performances out of his young cast, and especially multilayered work from Manheim

(son of actress Camryn Manheim). Jacob Montoya's balletic choreography helps amplify the emotional impact."
FULL REVIEW - http://www.theatermania.com/off-broadway/reviews/nymf-2017-play-like-a-winner-a-wall-apart_81881.html

"The book and lyrics by Julie Soto and music by Will Finan are powerful and touching, with issues that kids are having to deal with a lot more than previous generations. The music is energetic, with emotional solos that cut such as “When He Held My Hand” and “Fade Away.”  Ryan Warren does a great job keeping his young cast fresh and layered."
FULL REVIEW - http://t2conline.com/nymf-generation-me-brings-teen-issues-to-light/

"Obviously, Soto has a gift for characterization. We meet 14 teens who could be plucked right out of your local high school. They gossip, act catty, bully, lie, cheat on their boyfriends (or girlfriends), worry about failing tests, brag about getting into the right college, and so on. But Soto hasn't written a sitcom for us to watch as we munch our popcorn. In Generation Me, she tackles the weighty issues of rape, child abuse, and suicide.

While she's never preachy and doesn't try to tack on any moral at the finale, it's clear that Soto has written a cautionary tale that can speak to anybody. For who doesn't know somebody who has lost a son, daughter, or friend to suicide?"
FULL REVIEW - http://www.curtainup.com/nymusicfestival2017.html

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